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We are now implementing our new booking process. To book, please send an email to following the format below. 

We will only be accepting a certain number of new submissions before the books re-close. This is to ensure that the booking time frame is not getting further than 16-18 months out. 

This new system will be a three tier process - each email will be processed in the order it was received to ensure fairness throughout. 

The first tier will be the first few emails we receive. We are calling this tier "The Consult Stage" . In this stage of the process we will be gathering all the necessary information that we need win order to get you booked, as well as get you booked into the schedule. 

The second tier will be the next set of emails we receive. This tier is called "The Prep Stage". In this tier, you will be receiving weekly updates on how things are progressing. It is encouraged during this wait time that you gather any information/references that you would like to share with us when you are moved to Tier 1. 

The third and final tier will be called "The Waitlist". This will be the

third and final set of emails that we take before the books close again. You will also be receiving weekly updates on the progression of the booking process. 

Once we have everyone booked and taken care of, those in Tier 2 will move to Tier 1, and Tier 3 will move to Tier 2 and so on until we have everyone taken care of. In using this method, we will be able to streamline all information, as well as eliminate the technical issues we were having using the online submission form. If you have any questions regarding this new process, please feel free to email us at any time following our new email question format. (You can find this format here )



                                                                           -Erin O'Shea Salter


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